Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Today we are whole!  Today the Armstrong's became a stronger and more complete family!  Today we are one!

 After a brief stay in Los Angeles and a visit with Song-Ae's dear brother Daniel and his family, we were off to Houston.  Caitlin had trouble sleeping the night before, as she was so excited about going home for the very first time.  As she lay in bed, she kept sitting up and saying, "Daddy ............  Gegaw, Didi, MeiMei" (Older brother, younger brother, little sister)  These were the few words she knew I would understand.  "I know sweetheart, I know ........ we'll be home soon.  They are waiting for you and they will love you forever."

The two and a half hour plane ride seemed to take forever.  The flight, as usual, was very difficult on our daughter's inexperienced stomach but she was all smiles nonetheless.  Even after filling two airsick bags:)  Nothing was going to spoil this for her.

 As we got off the airplane, Caitlin was still all smiles but I could tell she was nervous too.  We walked down the concourse and rounded the corner at security .............. to the cheers and applauding of 30 wonderful friends!  They held signs and banners and balloons.  It was a welcome fit for a queen .......... or at least our newest little princess!

Two brothers and one insanely excited little girl waited with her toes edging up against the security line as close as humanly possible just "willing" her sister closer with every second!
 And then, we were together!  The year long ordeal and the agony of uncertainty was over.  Our daughter was finally home safe!  Never again would she want for food!  Never again would she want for love!

As Grampa and Grammie drove us home from the airport the experience was almost surreal.  Caitlin tried to take everything in as her eyes darted about.  Everyone was so excited to have her here and desperately wanted to make her feel comfortable.  Finally, exhausted and almost out of steam we pulled around the corner to our

home - Caitlin's first home ever ................. and were welcomed by the cheers, banners and balloons of the 50 most wonderful neighbors and friends in the world.  Caitlin's eyes grew big as she realized she was in for more of those "dreaded American hugs".  She shyly excited the car and handled each one of them with the grace of a well practiced hand.  After a brief visit with so many loving friends we said good-bye and she finally entered her sanctuary.  After such an ordeal, the inside of the home was only for immediate family.

Our little girl timidly entered her home and the door closed behind her.  In China, she may have been an orphan ........... but now, she will ever be "Our Princess!"

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  1. What a great blog and so well written. I felt like I was there enjoying every moment. Thank you for sharing this with us and to shed a little more light to what is installed for the Norvell family!!