Wednesday, July 10, 2013

03/10/2013 & 06/24/2013

When a child is in a orphanage in China they have the misfortune of seeing many horrible things.  They also get to witness their friends disappearing as "the lucky ones", usually "the perfectly healthy ones" get chosen to be part of a family.
 The rest stay behind hoping, wishing, praying that someone will hear there silent cries from the other side of the world.  When they turn 14 years old, they are no longer eligible for adoption and they are turned away from the orphanage - forever alone ........... forever without a family.

For those that are left behind.  The rumors fly about their friends that have disappeared.  Some say they were only adopted to be slaves to their new families, others they say, will be harvested for their organs.
 One thing is for certain.  When a lifelong friend leaves the orphanage for the last time.  They never expect to be reunited again.  These girls and boys have been through hardships and life experiences that most of us cannot even fathom.  They have a deep, deep bond with one another which they have formed in order to survive.  A few of us have found ways to bring the girls together again.  Through the wonders of Skype and FaceTime they do not need to feel alone anymore.   And in some cases, we can even get them together.
 Twice now, Caitlin has had the honor of being reunited with her dear friends.  The first time was a surprise for her just a week after she arrived home.  We were all at Grammie and Grampa's house in Florida for spring break and who appeared but the Byrne's bringing Maggie and Hope along with them.  Two amazing young ladies that Caitlin has known her whole life.  What an amazing day that was of laughter and reminiscing.

Most recently Caitlin was the one doing the surprising as she, little sister Rachel and daddy

flew up to Baltimore for the day.  What an awesome experience it was to watch the girls together.  You see Caitlin and YunYa were not just friends - they slept in the same "single bed" together every night for most of their lives.  I do not believe I have ever heard Mandarin spoken for six hours straight before! (Without a single pause!)  It was an incredible day!

Thank you so much Byrne's and Frederickson's for making this happen. You are the greatest!

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