Friday, July 29, 2016

Almost Home .........

Seoul, Pyungchang, Beijing, Hefei, Huainan, Guangxi, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.  As I look back on the last four weeks I find it hard to believe that we successfully navigated two countries and four cities as a family of six and finally a family of eight.

I have been able to briefly discuss a few of our adventures but in truth, they are far too numerous to put into this blog.  The Lord has brought us new, lifelong friends and experiences we will never forget.  Most importantly he has brought us two more incredible children.  He has entrusted us with their care and we are humbled by this opportunity.

Mark and Faith continue to amaze us as they adapt to life in a family.  Mark is all boy and loves to wrestle and swim.  He spends much of each day asking for the later.  If I ask if he wants some food he answer's with a toothy grin, "no - swimming".  He has come to love his brothers dearly.  Our oldest son, Matthew, got a surprise the other night when Mark decided he wanted to sleep in the same bed. Matt said it was very crowed but deeply touched by the sentiment.  He will be leaving for college in a few weeks and desperately wanted to get close to his new siblings before his departure.  It would seem he succeeded.

Faith is a character as well but doesn't like getting her picture taken.  When they meet, we know that Faith and Grammie will be kindred spirits.  Faith loves, loves, loves to read.  She walks down the street with an open book in her hand.  She will read in the elevator and on the bed.  She will read on the train and on the plane - she will read on a boat and with a goat - she does not like green eggs and ........................ Oops sorry - got carried away:)

                                                                                                                                                            Both children are doing immensely well and we could not imagine a more wonderful journey than the one we have experienced over the last month.  Tonight we leave China and return to the world we know.  Our departure is with some sadness but also excitement as well.  We will return to the love and excitement of friends and family and begin our new life together in earnest.  We ask for prayers for safe travel and that we continue to meld smoothly as a family before God.  Our journey is not over ............ it is just beginning.

One last quick note.  Since our family article was published in Korea a few days ago we have been contacted by a Korean documentary company, one Korean radio station and KBS.  The later is the largest television station in Korea and wishes to put us on a popular show loosely translated, "People Stories".  Please pray that if this is something that would be good for the children and bring glory to God that it would happen and open many hearts to the possibilities of adoption.  We ask for the Lord's guiding hand as we assess these issues.  Thank you for your prayers.  We cannot wait to see you all in person!!

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