Saturday, July 9, 2016

                                                       One Final Surprise!

     Tomorrow we leave Korea for China and the continuing journey toward Mark and Faith but before we go, God had planned one final, amazing experience.

     To our utter amazement, today we met with a famous reporter from one of the largest, most well read newspapers in Korea.  This interview was, itself, a remarkable indicator of a changing perspective among the Korean people towards adoption.  We were extremely honored to have even been contacted to tell our story.

Our Family with Kim, Sun Mi

For two hours we had the distinct pleasure of sharing our unique family dynamic with Kim, Sun Mi.  She is a remarkable individual and we felt very humbled to be the subject of her curiosity.

Telling Our Story

When her article is published we fervently hope that seeds will be planted all over Korea.  We pray that The Lord will place our story upon the hearts of the Korean people and make adoption not only more acceptable ....... but desirable.

Olympic Ski Jump

Our journey this week took us from the top of Seoul Tower to the markets of Myeongdong.  From magnificent coastal beaches to the future site of the 2018 Winter Olympics and finally to the pinnacle of Mount Seorak.  The beauty of this country is matched only by the hearts of its people.

The boys atop Mount Seorak

Our Korean family has embraced us with open arms and shown us a love that we do not deserve just as our Father in heaven has done for each of his children.  If, after today, one more child finds a home; one more child receives a loving embrace or one less child goes to bed hungry than all of our efforts have not been in vain.

Our wonderful family rented a bus to show us the country.

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